Statement by the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur Eritrea. 43rd Human Rights Council – Palais de Nations Geneva

Madame President,

The Netherlands aligns itself with the EU-statement and would like to add the following remarks in our national capacity.

We thank Special Rapporteur Ms. Kravetz for her update and express our support for her mandate.

Although we welcome the dialogue between Eritrea and the EU, The Netherlands notes that the positive regional developments in 2018 have thus far not led to domestic reforms and the improvement of respect for human rights in Eritrea, which remains ground for serious concern.

The Netherlands continues to be particularly worried about the indefinite national service, allegations of arbitrary detention and torture and the severe restrictions on people’s rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association.

We commend Eritrea for its commitment to economic development and the creation of jobs. However, as long as Eritrean citizens cannot enjoy their full human rights this will not be enough.

It is essential that the human rights situation in Eritrea is assessed independently. We therefore urge the government of Eritrea to cooperate with, and allow access to, the Special Rapporteur and other human rights mechanisms.

Ms. Kravetz, have you seen any improvement in the cooperation with your mandate and OHCHR?  

Thank you.