Ambassador Hans Hoogeveen, Candidate for the Office of Independent Chairperson of the FAO Council

Hans Hoogeveen, your Inclusive, Innovative, Independent Chair

His Excellency Ambassador Hans Hoogeveen, Candidate for the Office of Independent Chairperson of the FAO Council, 2021-2023

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Hans Hoogeveen is duly acknowledged to be a respected professional and an expert on the agriculture sector. With an unwavering focus on stimulating and promoting sustainable agriculture, food security and safety globally, he has served in numerous international roles, including four years as Chair of the FAO Programme Committee.

With respect for rules and procedures, Dr Hoogeveen’s priorities lie in professionalism and collegial, respectful intercultural collaboration. Throughout his career he has displayed excellent diplomatic skills in navigating tough negotiations with empathy, including a UN instrument ion forests and the CFS Voluntary Guidelines of Food Systems and Nutrition. This is reflected in his personal approach and careful choice of words. Feedback from others reveals appreciation and praise for his relentless energy.

Introducing novel ideas, stimulating creative proposals and finding compromises by focusing on solutions rather than problems are crucial elements of his approach. In his role as Independent Chairperson of the Council, he will take a neutral stance and rely on in-depth and extensive knowledge of a wide range of issues, including antibiotics, forestry and fisheries, acquired through 25 years’ experience in his fields of expertise. Having worked in nearly all of the 'UN capitals' (Rome, New York, Nairobi and Geneva), he has a broad, well-maintained and highly regarded international network. Among his many initiatives is a long list of international events. Furthermore, he has experience in a variety of UN bodies other than FAO.