General Assembly: Consideration of the draft resolution on 'Cooperation between the UN and the OPCW'

Mr. President, Dear colleagues, 

I have the honor today to introduce draft resolution A/73/L.72 entitled “Cooperation between the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons” on behalf of approximately 40 sponsors.

The United Nations is the principal organization dealing with matters relating to peace, justice and security.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons is the principal organization dealing with activities to achieve the comprehensive prohibition of chemical weapons in accordance with the Chemical Weapons Convention. For instance: 

  • By verifying the destruction of chemical-weapons stockpiles;
  • By preventing the re-emergence of chemical weapons, through inspections; and
  • By promoting the peaceful use of chemistry.

In doing so the OPCW contributes to the promotion of peace, disarmament, international cooperation and to the realization of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. 

The Kingdom of the Netherlands, with The Hague as legal capital of the world, is proud to host the OPCW. Since 1997, my delegation has had the honour to coordinate the negotiation on the current draft resolution and to biannually submit it to the General Assembly for its consideration.

Today’s draft resolution is procedural in nature and is a factual update of resolution 71/250 (of 22 December 2016). It acknowledges the important contribution of the OPCW in the realization of the purposes and principles of the Charter, and the ongoing cooperation between both organizations.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all delegations that participated in the negotiations. It is because of their spirit of compromise and willingness to engage in a constructive dialogue that ultimately led to the current draft.

Although a vote has been requested, it is still our hope that the draft resolution can be adopted unanimously. We firmly believe we have struck the best balance possible in representing the various views that were expressed.

We therefore invite delegations to support the draft resolution in a spirit of compromise and cooperation.

Thank you.