Human Rights Council Session 42 – Statement of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on Sudan – Item 10

Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on the situation of human rights in Sudan

Mr President,

We align with the EU statement and thank the Independent Expert for his presentation.  

The Kingdom of the Netherlands welcomes the recent positive developments in the Sudan. We fully support the Sudan in its challenging goals to promote democracy, the rule of law and sustainable inclusive economic development.

We would like to explicitly state our support and appreciation for the brave and important role that civil society, women and the youth have played in the last months, and hopefully continue to play in the challenging times that lie ahead. It is vital that civic space, press freedom and women rights will further improve.

Mr President,

The Netherlands underlines the importance of accountability. The Sudanese people seek justice and accountability for human rights violations, both in Darfur and in the rest of the Sudan. This includes the atrocities of the 3rd of June, as stipulated in the constitutional declaration. The Netherlands firmly believes that the new government of Sudan should cooperate with the ICC and extradite former President al-Bashir to The Hague.  

Mr President,

we welcome the Expert’s conclusion that the Sudanese authorities engage positively with OHCHR to work towards the establishment of a country office with a full mandate. We express hope that this constructive attitude by the Sudanese authorities will lead to a swift start of the country office.

Mr Nononsi,

In your view, what should be done to facilitate judicial reforms in Sudan, including by the creation of transitional justice mechanisms?

Thank you.