Human Rights Council Session 42 - Statement of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on Democratic Republic of Congo – Item 10

In reaction to the oral update of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on the Democratic Republic of Congo

Mr. President.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands would like to thank the High Commissioner for her oral update and aligns itself with the EU statement.

We are deeply concerned about the persistently dire security situation in the conflict areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, characterized by a lack of accountability and the absence of criminal prosecution. The observation by OHCHR that of all parties involved in the conflict, FARDC soldiers committed most human rights violations, is alarming. This should urge the government to act quickly.

We are also concerned about the alarming food insecurity in several parts of the country, which only seems to increase according to the latest results of the IPC analysis for the DRC. We call on DRC authorities to take responsibility for the well-being of all Congolese men, women and children, and improve the humanitarian situation.

In addition, we are alarmed by reports on the situation of prisoners. We urge the government to improve their living conditions and to release without delay the remaining of the 700 prisoners that have been pardoned in January.

Madam High Commissioner,

The number of human rights violations and abuses in DRC committed by state actors is still extremely high. What options does the High Commissioner see to revert this trend?

Thank you.