Human Rights Council Session 42 - Statement of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on Libya – Item 10

In reaction to the oral update of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on Libya.

Thank you Mr Vice-President.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands aligns itself with the EU statement.

Madam Deputy High Commissioner,

The people of Libya continue to suffer from the ongoing, worsening armed conflict.

Since April, human rights violations and abuses have become even more entrenched in Libya. Ongoing fighting has led to higher numbers of civilian casualties. Civilian infrastructure, including airports, has been targeted. The bombing of the Tajoura migrant center on the 2nd of July caused the death of dozens of migrants and refugees, and left many more severely wounded. Migrants, including women and children, are one of the most vulnerable groups in society. They deserve our protection.

There is an urgency to discuss not only the situation; but also the way we as international community can act. Because we should act: to break the cycle of violence; to work on a political solution and to end impunity. Finding a political solution to the conflict is paramount. But our efforts in this regard should not lead to turning a blind eye to address these human rights violations and abuses.

We consider accountability for these abuses a critical precondition for rebuilding the rule of law and sustainable peace. Accountability means focusing on several elements: (1) criminal accountability (2) access to justice, 3) justice sector reform and (4) transitional justice. Because justice is neither optional nor negotiable.

To achieve this efforts are needed with regard to the documentation of violations and crimes; capacity building of judicial institutions; promoting impartiality and improving access of the population to the justice sector. Victims voices should be heard.

I am pleased that the Netherlands could contribute to this discussion by cohosting a high level side-event on advancing accountability in Libya last Friday. We thank the OHCHR for cosponsoring this event.

Madam Deputy High Commissioner,

How can this Council best ensure that next steps on accountability ensure both a victim-centered approach and effective cooperation between the ICC and national institutions?