Human Rights Council Session 42 – Statement by the Kingdom of the Netherlands - General Debate Item 10

Mr. President,

We align with the EU statement.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands fully supports the work of OHCHR in the field of technical assistance and capacity building. We commend those countries engaging with OHCHR and other human rights mechanisms, and call upon all countries to open up to international assistance, including by issuing open standing invitations to all mandate holders. 

We thank the High Commissioner for her updates on the human rights situations in Cambodia, Georgia and Yemen.

We cease this opportunity to touch upon the human rights situation in Georgia.

We welcome Georgia’s continuous cooperation with the Office. We would like to underline the importance of effectively guaranteeing the right to freedom of assembly for all citizens, including LGBTI persons.

The Netherlands condemns ongoing human rights violations in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. The continued construction of barbed wire fences and other artificial border-like obstacles along the Administrative Boundary Line has severe human rights implications.

We reiterate our call to those exercising effective control in Abkhazia and South Ossetia to grant unimpeded access for international human rights mechanisms including OHCHR.

Thank you.