National Statement by the Netherlands

Interactive Dialogue on Libya  

We thank the High Commissioner for her briefing and align  with the EU statement.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands firmly believes that all parties in Libya should engage in serious political dialogue in order to find a solution to the Libyan crisis that should be Libyan led and Libyan owned. The international community should do its utmost to keep all sides committed to the political process and refrain from further foreign interference.

We are committed to the improvement of the humanitarian and the human rights situation in Libya and will take further this important topic, together with UNSMIL and Switzerland, as co-chair of the International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights Working Group within the framework of the Berlin Outcomes.

Accountability for human rights violations is a critical precondition for rebuilding the rule of law and sustainable peace. We are deeply shocked by the reported discovery of mass graves around Tarhuna and stress the need for immediate and independent investigations to bring those responsible to justice. Impunity must end. The establishment of a fact finding mission with a clear mandate, is a critical step in this regard. We congratulate our Libyan colleagues with their leadership in this regard and we  hope that this investigative mechanism will soon be operational. We also strongly support the work of the ICC in Libya and call on all to cooperate fully with the Court and the Prosecutor.

Madam president,

Space for civil society, freedom of movement and expression of Libyans should be safeguarded at all times and special attention and action is needed to safeguard the rights of human rights defenders, journalists, women, children and migrants. We are concerned about the humanitarian conditions and the human rights situation of migrants and refugees in Libya. In this regard, we express our deepest dismay at the recent killing of 30 migrants in Mezda on 27 May 2020. We call upon the Libyan authorities to conduct a thorough investigation of this incident with the goal of bringing the perpetrator(s) to justice. The incident ones again shines light on the abhorrent treatment of migrants and the fact that the dire situation in detention centres and other facilities need to be addressed. Human trafficking should be combatted at all levels and human traffickers should be held accountable for their actions.

High Commissioner,

The establishment of the fact finding mission should be prioritized. What can and will OHCHR do to help ensure this mission is fully operational as soon as possible?

Thank you.