Statement by the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner on the findings of OHCHR report on Ukraine

Madam President,

We align with the EU statement. The Kingdom of the Netherlands thanks the High Commissioner for the oral update on the human rights situation in Ukraine.

Although the ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine seems to be holding, the Netherlands remains gravely concerned about the systematic human rightsabuses and violations of international humanitarian law related to the conflict in Eastern Ukraine and calls on all parties to take all necessary measures to prevent further deterioration of the situation. We call on the so-called Peoples Republic of Donetsk and the so-called Peoples Republic of Luhansk to allow human rights monitors full and unimpeded access to the territories.

Madame President,

The Netherlands remains deeply concerned about the human rights situation in the illegally annexed Crimean Peninsula, in particular concerning the discrimination of Crimean Tatars. The absence of free media and the fact that there is no room for free and peaceful assemblies are worrying. We urge the Russian Federation to respect its obligations as an occupying power, uphold human rights and ensure full and unimpeded access for international human rights monitoring missions and human rights NGOs to the region.

Madame High Commissioner,

With regard to the situation on the illegally annexed Crimean Peninsula, in your opinion, which steps by the international community need to be taken to protect the position of the Crimean Tatars and ethnic minorities on the peninsula?

I thank you.