Statement by the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Enhanced Interactive Dialogue with the Independent Expert on Sudan - Item 10

Madam President,

The Kingdom of the Netherlands aligns itself with the EU statement and thanks mr. Nononsi for his valuable work.

The Netherlands welcomes the recent positive developments in the Sudan, in particular the signing of the peace agreement tomorrow. We fully support the Sudan in its goals to promote peace, democracy, and sustainable inclusive economic development.

We would like to explicitly repeat our support and appreciation for the important contributions by civil society, women and youth, and we strongly encourage that they will also be included in vital ongoing and future decision-making processes.

It is crucial that civic space, press freedom and women’s rights will further improve, especially in the peripheries of Sudan. In this light, we value the recent positive steps by the Sudanese government, such as various revisions of discriminatory provisions in the Criminal Code of 1991, most notably the criminalization of female genital mutilation. It is important that these reforms are put into practice and enforced.

The Netherlands appreciates recent reports that signals first signs of cooperation between the government of Sudan and the International Criminal Court. The Netherlands hopes to see that ex-president al-Bashir and other indictees can be brought to justice, which is an important first step towards truth and reconciliation. In this light we also welcome the extradition of Al Khuysaib.

Madam President,

To conclude with a question, what are your views on cooperation between the OHCHR country office and UNITAMS?

Thank you.