National Statement by the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Interactive Dialogue with the Fact Finding Mission Libya  

Madame President,

We align with the EU Statement and thank the Fact Finding Mission for their brief update.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands warmly welcomes the establishment of the fact finding mission and the swift appointment of the three experts. We strongly support the Mission’s mandate and ask the Mission’s special attention for the situation of human rights defenders, journalists, women, children, migrants and refugees.

Madam President,

The civilian population continues to be at great risk and violations of international humanitarian law and human rights are frequent and ongoing. The vicious circle of violence must stop and full accountability must be ensured. This will help to build trust, is a critical precondition for rebuilding the rule of law and sustainable peace and contributes to ending impunity. We strongly support the work of the ICC in Libya and call on all to cooperate fully with the Court and the Prosecutor.

The Netherlands is committed to the improvement of the humanitarian and human rights situation in Libya and is pleased to be able to contribute directly, through our co-chairmanship of the IHL/HR Working Group of the International Follow-up Committee on Libya (IFCL), together with Switzerland. We aim to strengthen Libyan efforts to promote accountability, for instance through support in the field of mass grave excavation, identification of missing persons and documentation of violations. Strong involvement of civil society organizations, unbiased and professional media, the Libyan authorities and the Libyan people are of key importance.

Mr Mohamad Auajjar, (chair of the FFM)

We look forward to open dialogue and interaction between the Fact Finding Mission and the IHL/HR Working Group. How can we collaborate to ensure complementarity between both our mandates?

Thank you.