Item 2: Interactive dialogue on oral update of Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen

Joint statement by Ireland, Canada, Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands

I have the honour to make this statement on behalf of Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

We thank the Group of Experts for their work, and welcome this first oral update to the Council.

We remain profoundly concerned by the appalling human rights situation, and the ever-deepening humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

The Group’s work provides, once again, a sobering assessment of the intense suffering being endured by the Yemeni people, some 6 years into this devastating conflict.

We are deeply alarmed by the claim by the Under Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, that over 16 million people are impacted by food insecurity in Yemen, with over 5 million Yemeni men, women and children “just one step away from famine”. [1]

An end to that conflict, and achieving sustainable peace, can only be realized through political means, and we re-affirm our full support for the UN-led process working towards a negotiated, political solution.

Mr/Mme (Vice) President,

Accountability for the Yemeni people has always been our primary concern.

For this reason, we fully support the continued provision of technical assistance to the National Commission in Yemen, as well as the vital work carried out by this Group of Experts.

At this juncture, we call on all parties to fully support your Group’s work and your mandate. As you advance preparations for the report which you will present to the HRC this September, we would welcome further detail on areas of particular priority for you, and further elaboration on the challenges that you face, particularly in relation to access to Yemen and the scope of your mandate. 

Thank you.