National statement by the Kingdom of the Netherlands

ITEM 4: Interactive dialogue with Fact Finding Mission Venezuela

The Kingdom of the Netherlands aligns itself with the EU statement and thanks the Fact Finding Mission for its oral update.

We support the mandate and important work of the Fact Finding Mission. We urge the Venezuelan authorities to facilitate their work, including by granting staff access to the country.

The human rights situation in Venezuela remains critical. In the last months we have seen an increase in harassment, intimidation and arbitrary arrests of civil society actors, including journalists and humanitarian aid workers.

The Fact Finding Mission’s efforts to document human rights violations, including evidence of crimes against humanity, such as extrajudicial killings and torture as a matter of State policy, constitute an important step towards ending impunity.

We therefore call upon the Venezuelan authorities to do everything in their power to prevent these practices from reoccurring and to ensure independent investigations and full accountability.

The elections in December did not comply with human rights standards. We urge all political actors in Venezuela to foster peaceful dialogue and a democratic and sustainable solution. We regard members of the democratic opposition who were elected in 2015 as privileged interlocutors in this process.

Members of the Fact Finding Mission,

What can the international community do to support your work and to ensure accountability and justice for victims?