Interactive dialogue on the situation of human rights in Myanmar: report of the High Commissioner

National statement delivered by Kim Peters, Second Secretary

Thank you,

The Kingdom of the Netherlands aligns itself with the EU statement.

We thank the High Commissioner for his report on Myanmar.

The Netherlands is alarmed by its findings. The downward spiral of violence in Myanmar is ongoing, confronting the people of Myanmar with horrific violence, repression and atrocities. We commend the people of Myanmar for their resilience in their demand for a peaceful and democratic future.

For a peaceful future, a vibrant and diverse civil society is indispensable. The Netherlands is deeply concerned about the ongoing repression of civil society organisations in Myanmar. CSOs, including human rights defenders, are being monitored, restricted and harassed. The organisation registration act that was introduced last year is another blow for civic space. The Netherlands applauds Myanmar’s CSOs for their courage and resilience. Their work is indispensable for accountability, women empowerment, and giving youth in Myanmar a voice to shape their future.

Mr. Turk, how can the international community continue to support civil society organisations that are active in Myanmar under these circumstances, so they survive, and play their essential role in the future of Myanmar?