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Letter to the House of Representatives on measures to protect telecom networks and 5G

Letter of 1 July 2019 from Minister of Justice and Security Ferdinand Grapperhaus and State Secretary for Economic Affairs and ...

Publication | 06-01-2020

Roadmap for Digital Hard- and Software Security

The Digital Hard- and Software Security Roadmap offers a cohesive set of measures for eliminating security gaps in hard- and ...

Publication | 06-01-2020

Dutch vision on data sharing between businesses

Data sharing must become more standard than it is now. The government’s ambition is for the Netherlands to be in the vanguard of ...

Publication | 06-01-2020

Infographic - Strategic Action Plan for AI

The Netherlands is able to capitalise on AI’s societal and economic opportunities, as well as to safeguard the public interests ...

Publication | 06-01-2020

Summary - Strategic Action Plan for AI

Artificial intelligence is radically changing the world. AI will make a substantial contribution to the economic growth, ...

Publication | 06-01-2020

Position paper - Legislation AI

Position paper of the Netherlands on the European Commission proposal regarding legislation for a coordinated European approach ...

Publication | 19-12-2019

Working towards a resilient and circular food system

Dutch priorities for a forward looking agenda of the new Commission.

Publication | 12-12-2019

Migration conditionality in the MFF

Dutch non-paper on migration conditionality in the MFF. The Netherlands has identified four options to strengthen the link ...

Publication | 12-12-2019

Priorities for the EU for 2019-2024 in the area of civil justice

This paper sets out the priorities of the Netherlands in the area of civil justice for 2019-2024.

Publication | 12-12-2019

Joint statement on the agreement on the EU budget for 2020

Joint statement by the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark and Sweden on the agreement on the EU budget for 2020.

Publication | 12-12-2019