22 February New Dutch Masters | Recipe for responsible business: Roadmap to 100% slave free chocolate

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Cité du Temps, Pont de la Machine 1, Genève
Het Melkmeisje van Vermeer met chocolademelk

What do you do when you find out that slavery forms the basis of your chocolate bar? You produce your own slave free chocolate and you make it your mission to rid the entire chocolate sector of slave labour. Tony‘s Chocolonely’s story is an inspiring one on how the consumer can impact circomstances under which products are being made and on how to make a difference in a world that is set in chocolate. Responsible business at its
finest; be inspired and find out what you can do to make the world a better place.

Foto Ynzo van Zanten

Ynzo van Zanten, is an economist, author, entrepreneur and the Chief Evangelist of Tony’s Chocolonely. His entrepreneurial ambitions drove him to set up Innocent Drinks Benelux together with Henk Jan Beltman. Ynzo is initiator of the ‘Sustainable Leadership & Entrepreneurship’ programme of the Amsterdam University of applied Sciences, and (guest-)lecturer at the University of Amsterdam and the TU Delft. In his spare time Ynzo is a member of the board of ’10.000 Hours’ and the ‘Plastic Whale’ foundation.

Moderator: Nick Weatherill, Executive Director of the International Cocoa Initiative.

New Dutch Masters
A series of interactive lectures on global issues and innovative leadership by leading Dutch figures in the fields of politics, business, civil society and culture.