06 February Debate: Europe's Green Transition

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Avenue de Cortenbergh 4-10, Brussels

The Netherlands Permanent Representation to the EU kindly invites you to a deep dive into Europe’s Green Transition. We’ll be joined by Diederik Samsom, Eva Gladek to discuss the urgency and opportunities of the shift to a climate-neutral economy. We have reached full capacity for the event. Registration is now closed.

Fighting climate change is at the heart of the Green Deal. Living up to the Paris agreement means that Europe should commit to climate neutrality by 2050. But targets will only go so far; the implementation will provide the real test for the European Union’s green ambitions. How can Europe overcome the tension between science-based policies and the reality of politics? And while it is understandable for governments and businesses to focus on the costs of going climate neutral, the green transition should also provide great opportunities for innovation, new businesses and the creation of new jobs. Where are those enablers, and how do we activate them to provide a transition that is fair to all?

Our panelists will debate whether ambitious climate targets and economic growth can go hand-in-hand. They will look at the importance of targets and the policies that follow, and discuss what is to be considered just.

As head of cabinet for First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, Diederik Samsom is one of the driving forces behind the European Green Deal. He was previously one of the co-chairs of the National Climate Agreement that translated the Netherlands’ climate goals into policy. Eva Gladek is founder and CEO of Metabolic. This sustainable consultancy works with businesses and cities such to promote innovation towards a circular economy.

The discussion will be moderated by Brussels-based journalist Sam Morgan.
Programme 6 February
15:00 – Registration and coffee
15:30 – Panel debate
16:30 – Q&A
17:00 – Reception

We have reached full capacity for the event. Registration is now closed.