Successful kick-off of the Roundtable on Financing Water

On April 12-13 the first Round Table on Financing Water was held at OECD's Headquarters.


Round Table - Bridging the gap between water and finance communities

The Round Table on Financing Water is a joint initiative of the World Water Council, the government of the Netherlands and the OECD.

The aim of the Roundtable is to facilitate an ongoing dialogue between the water and finance communities on how to overcome the global challenges of financing the investment needed for water security and sustainable economic growth and water contribution to the wider set of Sustainable Development Goals.

The first meeting was well attended by multistakeholders from the academic world, research institutes, by investors and bankers, non-governmental organisations, water regulators and governments.The discussion was mostly exploratory, setting the scene for further Round Tables.

The next Round Table on Finance will be hosted by Israel. 

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