4 months at the Dutch Delegation to UNESCO

by Nienke Kehrer

International community
The most fun part about the internship at the Dutch representation to UNESCO was the international working environment. Because there are so many people from different nationalities, everyone is open to each other’s ideas and cultures. I have learned a lot from meeting people from countries all over the world and discussing several topics with them. For example, during the General Conference the countries had the possibility to make a national statement, in which the representative of the country told what their country prioritizes and how they look into the future. This and many more experiences, have given me insight in different perspectives, which you need to take into account to understand our globalizing world.

International Politics
Also I have learned a lot about international politics and what it is like to be a diplomat. I have noticed how important it is to pick your moment and choose the right words. It has been very interesting to see which topics are important for whom, and how to best convince other countries of your point of view. These experiences have been very inspiring!

The Team
Furthermore the team I worked with was very nice. It was my first truly professional experience, which has been very educative. I was taken into the team like a true member and have had the opportunity to get a glimpse of several topics which they prioritized. It was very nice that I had the option to look into the topics I preferred, such as (among many others!) freedom of speech, ethics of robotics and safety of journalists. Furthermore it was interesting to learn about the Dutch policies and thus about the Dutch priorities.

My time in Paris overall has been amazing, and I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in the topics UNESCO works with applies for this internship. I have learned more than ever in these wonderful 4 months!