Seminar: "From conduit-haven reputation to frontrunner", Thursday 21 June 2018 at the OECD

Mr Jasper Wesseling (Deputy Director-General Tax Affairs, Ministry of Finance of the Netherlands) will give a presentation on the Dutch approach to tackle tax evasion and avoidance, while preserving an attractive business climate.  

Combating international tax evasion and avoidance is a top priority for the Dutch government. On 23 February 2018 the State Secretary for Finance sent a letter on this matter to the Dutch Parliament, acknowledging that the internationally oriented tax system of the Netherlands could also be receptive to arrangements eroding the tax base of both the Netherlands and other countries.

The announced measures are geared towards protecting the tax base and promoting transparency and integrity of the financial services sector. Besides being an active supporter and participant in the BEPS project, the Netherlands will now apply measures above the minimum agreed upon in BEPS.

Mr Jasper Wesseling will talk you through the most important tax policy measures and very much welcomes an open discussion with participants. It would be particularly interesting to learn more about the following aspects:

  • Experiences  in other countries (press, Parliament, businesses) with the implementation of EU and OECD guidelines regarding BEPS. For instance: how do you measure the effectiveness of the intended measures? Are there any implementation difficulties for tax agencies? How do you strike the right balance between international responsibility and investment climate?

  • Your observations about the interaction of BEPS and CIT work in the OECD, the EU and national tax reforms (such as the US tax reform).

We look forward to a stimulating and fruitful exchange of views.