Security Council: Explanation of vote on Peacekeeping Performance Resolution

Statement by H.E. Lise Gregoire-van Haaren,
Deputy Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to the United Nations

New York, 21 September 2018

Madam President,

Today, the Security Council sends out a strong and clear message in support of wider efforts to improve and strengthen UN peacekeeping.

Last week’s debate on peacekeeping provided ample evidence of the timely nature of this resolution, and of its necessity. We all know that peacekeeping faces serious challenges. Many UN missions are operating in complex and dangerous environments. And the high number of casualties under peacekeepers is worrying.

At the same time, improving performance, and strengthening accountability for sexual exploitation and abuse, demands our continuous attention. This resolution is an important step to promote better support for our blue helmets and ensure effective protection of civilians.

I would like to highlight three important aspects of this resolution:

  1. Well-trained and equipped personnel and the right capabilities to implement the tasks mandated by this Council. Innovative force generation and smart pledging are ways to improve the performance of operations.
  2. Accountability for underperformance as well as acts of sexual exploitation and abuse. This includes a wide range of measures that could be taken, including repatriation.
  3. At the same time, excellence should be rewarded. We welcome in this respect reporting on outstanding performance. We must continue to learn from lessons, positive and negative.

It is a positive sign that the Council managed to unanimously agree on the importance of this issue.

Today we managed to take another significant step towards making peacekeeping fit for purpose.

Thank you.

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