Dutch #EUvsVirus hackathon winners

How can innovative solutions be used to solve corona-related challenges? The jury of last weekend’s #EUvsVirus hackathon today identified 117 projects that help support the European and global fight against the COVID-19 outbreak. Amongst the winners are several projects with Dutch participants.

Sewers4COVID, a Dutch, Greek, Spanish, and British cooperative project, won in the overarching domain others. The initiative uses sewer surveillance to track the spread of the virus and allows more cost-efficient and quick targeting of resources. In addition, the system can be an early warning sign for a potential second wave of the virus.

In addition, the hackathon set 37 different challenges. Among the winners in these challenges is the Dutch initiative Skyrocket Your Team. It is designed to bring teams working remotely closer together, by setting online tasks that require efficient communication and problem-solving. Another initiative, Mentor.me, connects primary and secondary students with volunteer mentors through a mobile app. In a third winner, Coronazones, financial technology is used to maximize the impact of COVID-19 recovery funds and investments. It helps increase the speed of circulation of funds through a community’s small and medium business.

The financial means and other resources needed to develop and scale the ideas will be gathered over the coming weeks. In a follow-up event from 22 to 25 May, today’s winning solutions will be matched with potential end-users, such as hospitals and businesses.

You can find the full list of 117 winners on https://euvsvirus.org/results/.