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Considerations of France and the Netherlands regarding intervention on platforms with a gatekeeper position

This discussion document elaborates on the issue of intervention on “large digital platforms with significant network effects ...

Publication | 15-10-2020

Joint Statement on the increase of the EU’s 2030 Climate Target

Joint Statement on the increase of the EU’s 2030 Climate Target supported by Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Latvia, ...

Publication | 14-10-2020

Non-paper - Innovative and trustworthy AI: two sides of the same coin

Position paper on behalf of Denmark, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, the ...

Publication | 08-10-2020

Non-paper on the 2020 update of the EU Digital Education Action Plan

This non-paper is the government's response to the public consultation launched by the European Commission on the new Digital ...

Publication | 29-09-2020

Safe chemicals for our common future

In a joint Op-ed, Environment Ministers of ten European countries call on the Commission to develop an ambitious long-term ...

Publication | 29-09-2020

Response of the Netherlands to the public consultation on the Pharmaceutical Strategy

Response of the Netherlands to the public consultation of the Roadmap of the European Commission on the Pharmaceutical Strategy.

Publication | 16-07-2020

Non-paper on a joint vision for a Pharmaceutical Strategy for Europe

Non-paper by Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Romania, ...

Publication | 15-07-2020

Letter to Parliament on OECD Country-by-Country reporting

Letter to the House of Representatives on the OECD Country-by-Country reporting.

Publication | 15-07-2020

State of the European Union 2020

In the annual State of the European Union the Cabinet outlines its policy on EU affairs. This is an English translation of the ...

Publication | 10-07-2020

Non paper on an updated EU Skills agenda

The green, digital and demographic transitions will significantly change our labour markets and create both opportunities and ...

Publication | 30-06-2020