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  1. Statement of the Netherlands against the Super League

    The Netherlands is against the Super League. A closed competition like the Super League does not respect the UEFA-structure ...

    Publication | 12-07-2022

  2. Open letter Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport Ernst Kuipers

    Open letter by Ernst Kuipers, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport, on the development of new medicines.

    Publication | 22-06-2022

  3. Joint statement on FuelEU Maritime

    Joint statement by Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Sweden on FuelEU Maritime.

    Publication | 02-06-2022

  4. 2022 Progress Report of the Ministerial Platform on International Rail Passenger Transport

    The 2022 Progress Report of the Ministerial Platform on International Rail Passenger Transport (IRP) sets forth the progress made ...

    Publication | 25-05-2022

  5. Joint statement – Ambitious Fit for 55 and EU energy independence

    Joint statement by Austria, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Latvia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia. ...

    Publication | 07-04-2022

  6. Possibility to implement more ambitious national blending mandates

    In a joint letter the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Luxembourg call for higher ambition on ...

    Publication | 01-02-2022

  7. Upcoming Revision of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive

    Joint letter by Austria, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Sweden to publicly support the Commission to work on an ambitious ...

    Publication | 31-01-2022

  8. Non-paper on the principles of a Cyber Resilience Act

    By means of this non-paper, the Netherlands intends to contribute to a broad policy discussion on cybersecurity in general and ...

    Publication | 12-01-2022

  9. Why strong EU competition and state aid rules matter

    Paper by the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Romania and Sweden on EU competition and state aid rules. 

    Publication | 11-11-2021

  10. Joint Statement on Energy Prices in the EU

    Joint Statement by the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Latvia on energy prices ...

    Publication | 25-10-2021