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Carbon pricing and aviation tax

Dutch position paper on carbon pricing and aviation tax.

Publication | 12-12-2019

Towards a European supervisory mechanism for ML/MT

Joint-paper by the ministers of finance of Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia and Spain on a European mechanism to ...

Publication | 12-12-2019

Contribution paper on geographical balance

Contribution paper on geographical balance of staff in the European Commission by the Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, ...

Publication | 12-12-2019

Non-paper - Strengthening the level playing field on the internal market

Dutch non-paper on level playing field.

Publication | 09-12-2019

Dutch Reflection on the Green Deal

The Netherlands welcomes the proposal for a European Green Deal by president-elect Von der Leyen: protecting our planet and ...

Publication | 25-11-2019

Joint letter to Mr. Frans Timmermans - Call for enhanced climate ambition

Joint letter by Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Sweden to Mr. Frans Timmermans, ...


Statement regarding the EPO decision on classic plant breeding

Statement of the Netherlands to the Agriculture and Fisheries Council of 18 March 2019 regarding the EPO decision on classic ...

Publication | 19-09-2019

Infographic - Towards a better Schengen

This infographic shows what a European Agenda on Migration should look like.

Publication | 11-07-2019

Infographic - Dutch vision on data sharing between businesses

Data sharing must become more standard than it is now. The government’s ambition is for the Netherlands to be in the vanguard of ...

Publication | 27-06-2019

The Netherlands’ propositions for the EU health agenda 2020-2025

The EU needs a healthy population and a healthy workforce, safeguarded from (cross border) health and food safety threats. The ...

Publication | 13-06-2019