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  1. Interim report - Our Vision of Europe

    On 1 September 2021, the Dutch government launched Visions of Europe (Kijk op Europa), a citizen dialogue that allows the people ...

    Publication | 21-10-2021

  2. Preliminary Netherlands’ input for European Chips Act

    First Dutch reaction to the proposal for a European Chips Act.

    Publication | 14-10-2021

  3. Reach up joint paper on textiles

    Joint letter by the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Luxembourg, Norway, Spain and ...

    Publication | 06-10-2021

  4. Non-paper on the Data Act

    Dutch non-paper on the Data Act.

    Publication | 01-10-2021

  5. Transparency Pledge

    We strive for a European Union that enjoys the full trust of its citizens. A Union that is demonstrably accountable, effective ...

    Publication | 23-09-2021

  6. Letter and proposal: Strengthening the Digital Markets Act and its Enforcement

    The Netherlands, France and Germany have jointly developed amendments to the Digital Markets Act: the introduction of a ...

    Publication | 09-09-2021

  7. Non-paper on confiscation: a cooperative, information-led and future proof way forward

    The Netherlands welcomes the upcoming legislative proposals for the revision of the Directive on freezing and confiscation of ...

    Publication | 21-06-2021

  8. Better rail connections for Europe’s passengers

    Progress report following the June 4th 2020 Ministers declaration on international rail passengers transport.

    Publication | 03-06-2021

  9. Non-paper: Strengthening the Digital Markets Act and Its Enforcement

    Over the last decades, the digital transformation has profoundly changed the functioning of the global economy. While digital ...

    Publication | 27-05-2021

  10. Joint Statement on improving supervision for the use of renewable energy in the Renewable Energy Directive

    Joint Statement by Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands on improving public and private supervision for the ...

    Publication | 25-05-2021