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  1. Response of the Netherlands to the public consultation of the Roadmap of the European Commission on the Pharmaceutical Strategy

    The Netherlands takes the opportunity to respond to the open consultation of the European Commission on the Pharmaceutical ...

    Publication | 07-07-2020

  2. Non paper on an updated EU Skills agenda

    The green, digital and demographic transitions will significantly change our labour markets and create both opportunities and ...

    Publication | 30-06-2020

  3. Joint letter - Safe chemicals for the future; building blocks for the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability and the Zero Pollution Ambition

    Joint letter by Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden on safe ...

    Publication | 24-06-2020

  4. Press release: Companies receiving government support must abandon undesirable tax avoidance practices

    The government decided that companies engaged in undesirable tax planning can apply for individual support only if they satisfy ...

    Publication | 22-06-2020

  5. Non paper: A new Security Union Strategy

    Providing security for all Europeans is among the most important aims of the European Union. In our fast and ever-changing world, ...

    Publication | 18-06-2020

  6. Joint political declaration of the Pentalateral Energy Forum on the role of hydrogen to decarbonise the energy system in Europe

    In this joint political declaration the Ministers of Energy of the Pentalateral Energy Forum, consisting of Austria, Belgium, ...

    Publication | 15-06-2020

  7. Member states' joint statement on Sustainable Aviation

    Joint statement by the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Finland and Luxembourg on Sustainable Aviation.

    Publication | 04-06-2020

  8. Political statement for coalition of the willing on development international rail passenger transport

    Political statement by the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, ...

    Publication | 04-06-2020

  9. Non-paper digitalisation in the EU recovery strategy for COVID-19

    The crisis shows the important role of digital technology, its opportunities, risks and bottlenecks. On the long term, Europe has ...

    Publication | 28-05-2020

  10. Towards a European Supervisory Mechanism for Money-Laundering and Terrorist Financing

    Joint-paper by the ministers of finance of Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia and Spain on a European mechanism to ...

    Publication | 19-05-2020