An open, strong and sustainable European economy that offers protection


Through strong cooperation between EU countries and a policy of open markets, the EU has become one of the most prosperous, most competitive and successful economies in the world. In the face of several fundamental transitions and changing global dynamics it is important to keep an open economic outlook and make use of the EU’s strengths to take on these challenges.

For this we need:

  • An enhanced and future-proof internal market, in which firms compete on an equal basis and in which the ambitions and needs of citizens are at the centre.
  • A sustainable economy that is both innovative, competitive and that offers protection.
  • To lead in the demographic, energy, circular and digital transitions and continue on preparing Europe for the future of work in order to realize a sustainable European labour market. This should be supported by investments in research, development and education.
  • As a basis for all the above we need a strong and stable economy with solid macro-economic foundations to stay competitive in a changing world. The Netherlands calls for a renewed European Agenda that includes the following elements and initiatives to deliver on an open, strong and sustainable European economy that offers protection.