Making EU climate policy Paris proof

Climate change

Climate change is one of the largest global challenges the EU faces. Living up to the Paris agreement means European climate neutrality by 2050. This target must be accompanied by concrete policy measures and all sectors have a role to play in achieving it. There are opportunities for innovation, new businesses and the creation of new jobs. Ambitious climate targets can lead to economic growth even without the inclusion of the benefits of avoided damage of climate change and related adaptation costs. This transition means decarbonising the energy system and building up a strong and competitive low-carbon industry based on new technologies, fostered by innovation and green markets. New coherent regulations on products and production will accelerate the development of the circular economy, while more stringent standards for vehicles and infrastructure will lead to sustainable mobility. Circular agriculture should be accompanied by redesigning the financial incentives in the Common Agricultural Policy towards sustainability. Horizontally, the European budget should become Paris proof and climate change should be a cornerstone in foreign, trade and development relations of the EU.