Lecture Maurits Berger: Islam in Europe

Friday January 18  professor of Islam and the West at Leiden University Maurits Berger will trace Europe’s 13 centuries of experience with Islam and Muslims. In a lecture at the Dutch embassy in Brussels he will speak about the relevance of these experiences when trying to understand the response to Muslims and Islam in present day Europe.

The lecture will be richly illustrated and discusses numerous interesting questions: What did the Dutch mean with the battle cry ‘Better Muslim than Catholic’?  What was the French-Ottoman military agreement?  Why were the similar numbers of Muslims in Poland and Spain treated so differently? What happened exactly at the battle of Poitiers? Why was Muhammad considered a Christian missionary? Why did the Ottomans not trade with Europe, and why do European universities study Islam?

These and other questions will be answered during the lecture 'Islam in Europe - a historical perspective', on Friday 18 January from 12:30-14:00. A lunch with sandwiches will be provided.


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4-10, Avenue de Cortenbergh
1040 Brussels