Countries join forces on improving supervision for the use of biofuels

Five European member states will jointly work on improving supervision on the use of biofuels. As the sector is growing it is necessary to guarantee the sustainability of biofuels. A coalition of Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg and the Netherlands notes that European cooperation is needed to achieve this. The countries therefore call upon European Commissioners Frans Timmermans and Kadri Simson to rapidly ensure better monitoring and enforcement at European level.

Better enforcement

Europe has set ambitious climate targets. For example, all transport will have to be emission-free by 2050. Biofuels are indispensable to meet our climate commitments and to achieve the transition to fully emission-free heavy duty road transport, inland shipping, aviation, maritime transport and passenger transport. It is however crucial that sustainability is ensured. In addition to private supervision, this requires strong public supervision. The biofuel supply chain is international, so supervision needs to be set up accordingly. Earlier, cross-border fraud was detected from the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

The coalition consists of five countries which together produce the majority of European biofuels. Its establishment is an initiative of the Netherlands.

State Secretary Van Veldhoven: "The market is growing, so supervision must grow along. In this way we guarantee the sustainability of the biofuels we use. And that is important. Not only for the climate, but also for the security of investment of companies in the sector. We are joining forces now, because we cannot do this without European cooperation".

Stronger legislation and more ambition

The five countries call upon Timmermans and Simson to adjust European legislation to strengthen the base for member states for improving private and public supervision of the biofuel chain across the European market. The countries also call for a quick and ambitious deployment of a European database to achieve as much transparency as possible in the supply chain.