Justice and Security Affairs

Justice and Security Affairs

Ms Lucia Ling Ket On
Head of Unit Justice and Security Affairs
Counterterrorism, Cybersecurity, Data Protection (DAPIX DP), Passenger Name Record,  Explosives, Precursors, Standing Committee on Operational Cooperation on Internal Security (COSI), Coordinating Committee in the area of police and judicial cooperation in criminal matters (CATS), encryption, EOM
Tel.: +32 2 679 16 47
Email: L.J.M.LingKetOn@minbuza.nl

Mr Geert Bullens
Law Enforcement Cooperation (LEWP), Information Exchange (DAPIX, SIS-SIRENE) Civil Protection (PROCIV), Crisis Coordination (IPCR), Dapix (Hybrid)
Tel.: +32 2 679 15 26
Email: geert.bullens@minbuza.nl

Mr Emile Schmieman
Judicial Cooperation (Civil), Insolvency, Copyright and Company Law and collective redress
Tel.: +32 2 679 16 19
Email: emile.schmieman@minbuza.nl

Mr Jan Rinia
IME (Expulsion, Blue Card), Free Movement, Company Law (digital processes and tools for companies), e-Justice, MFF, DAPIX DP (Union institutions, bodies, offices and agencies), Firearms, JAIEX
Tel.: +32 2 679 16 57
Email: jan.rinia@minbuza.nl

Ms Karlijn Rensink
Migration, Asylum, Strategic Committee on Immigration, Frontiers and Asylum (SCIFA)
Tel.: +32 2 679 15 54
Email: karlijn.rensink@minbuza.nl

Mr Rik Rovers
Frontiers, High Level Working Group on Asylum and Migration (HLWG), VISA SCHEVAL, False Documents
Tel.: +32 2 679 16 25
Email: rik.rovers@minbuza.nl

Ms Elisa Sason
Cooperation in criminal matters (COPEN), substantive criminal law (DROIPEN), Data retention
Tel: +32 2 679 1539
E-mail: elisa.sason@minbuza.nl

Ms Petra Gevels
Tel: +32 2 679 15 31
Email: bre-jbz@minbuza.nl