Transparency list February 2020

This list includes the meetings and appointments of Mr Robert de Groot, Permanent Representative to the EU and Mr Ronald van Roeden, Deputy Permanent Representative to the EU, with visitors from business, NGOs and academia as well as Dutch Parliament and European Parliament, local governments and advisory bodies. It consists of the names of the visiting organisations and institutions, date and topic of the meetings. The monthly overview also includes the attendance of the Permanent Representative  and the Deputy Permanent Representative in Council meetings.

Meetings Robert de Groot

Shell – 3 February
Brexit state-of-play

Dutch Council for the Judiciary  – 13 February
Introductory meeting

Working visit Defense committee, Dutch House of Representatives  – 17 February
Latest updates on current defense files

VNO-NCW  – 26 February
Update on EU files in relation to trade and industry  

Council Meetings Robert de Groot

Coreper II – 5 February
Coreper II – 7 February
Coreper II - 12 February
Coreper II– 14 February
Foreign Affairs Council – 17 February
General Affairs Council – 17 February
Economic and Financial Affairs Council – 18 February
Coreper II – 19 February
European Council – 20/21 February

Meetings Ronald van Roeden

Bombardier Transportation – 4 February
Conversation on competitiveness and climate measures

Working visit Provincial Executive of the Province of Limburg – 4 February
Introductory meeting on Common Agricultural Policy and nitrogen

Member of the Provincial Executive of the Province Drenthe – 12 February
Introductory meeting

Director Netherlands Maritime Technology – 18 February
Trade issues in naval engineering

European Court of Auditors  – 19 February
Introductory meeting

Council Meetings Ronald van Roeden

Coreper I – 5 February
Coreper I (extra) – 12 February
EPSCO (extra) – 13 February
Coreper I – 14 February
Coreper I – 19 February
EYCS  - 20 February
Coreper I – 26 February
COMPET (Internal market)– 27 February
COMPET (Research)- 28 February