Call for Papers: Measuring the Impact of Business on Well-being and Sustainability

The OECD Statistics Directorate, together with HEC Paris/SnO Center, has recently published a call for papers to develop and support research on measuring the impact of business on well-being. The call for papers focuses on several themes, including:

-          showcasing good examples of existing frameworks for measuring impact;

-          the selection of indicators, and their harmonisation across approaches; 

-          use of national official statistics to assess business impact on well-being;

-          effects of measurement of on business performance and consumer and investor behaviour.

Papers will be judged papers based on their quality, relevance, and concrete (actionable) nature. Selected papers will be presented at the 6th OECD World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy which will take place in Korea in November 2018.

Further details are available at:

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