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BLOG - Germany’s successful G20 presidency

Noe van Hulst, Ambassador of the Netherlands to the OECD, Chair of the IEA Governing Board How should we assess the German ...

News item | 17-07-2017 | 00:00

Call for Papers: Measuring the Impact of Business on Well-being and Sustainability

The OECD Statistics Directorate, together with HEC Paris/SnO Center, has recently published a call for papers to develop and ...

News item | 06-07-2017 | 14:39

OECD: Public-private agreements have been highly effective at tackling agricultural emissions in the Netherlands

This paper assesses whether existing policies in the Netherlands create synergies or trade-offs between agricultural productivity ...

News item | 23-06-2017 | 14:55


A group of countries announced the formation of a new Network for Open Economies and Inclusive Societies. The announcement was ...

News item | 08-06-2017 | 13:48

BLOG - Smartphones are child’s play, but what about the child labour?

Blog RBC Roel

News item | 11-05-2017 | 00:00

BLOG - Commentary: The untapped potential of energy efficiency


News item | 11-05-2017 | 00:00

Successful kick-off of the Roundtable on Financing Water

On April 12-13 the first Round Table on Financing Water was held at OECD's Headquarters.

News item | 26-04-2017 | 22:27

Dinner on Responsible Business Conduct and Labour Related issues

On the 10th of April, the Permanent Representation (PR) of the Netherlands to the OECD, hosted a dinner on Responsible Business ...

News item | 10-04-2017 | 00:00

Workshop on international cooperation in STI (Science, Technology and Innovation)

On 22 March 2017 the OECD held a scoping workshop on international cooperation in STI (Science, Technology and Innovation), ...

News item | 03-04-2017 | 14:42

BLOG - Addressing the imbalance between investment protection and people protection: Making globalisation work for all

Roel Nieuwenkamp, Chair of the OECD Working Party on Responsible Business Conduct ( @nieuwenkamp_csr )  

News item | 14-03-2017 | 00:00