Human Rights Council Session 42 - Joint Statement on Jemen - Item 2

Statement delivered by Ireland

I have the honour to make this statement on behalf of Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Mr (Vice) President,

We welcome the Group of Eminent Experts to Geneva and commend them for their work, and for the comprehensive report presented to the Human Rights Council.

In 2017, this core group worked hard with other States so that the Council could establish, by consensus, the Group’s mandate.

We did so because of our profound concern about the appalling human rights and humanitarian situation facing the people of Yemen.

Two years later, we share the view expressed by the UN Secretary-General that this is a crisis of devastating proportions.

We also agree with the Secretary-General that sustainable peace in Yemen can only be achieved through political means, and we reaffirm our full support for the UN-led process for a negotiated political solution to the conflict.

Mr (Vice) President,

We fully support the need for the continued provision of technical assistance to the National Commission in Yemen, as we believe that the Commission has an important role to play in documenting human rights violations.

We continue to believe however that this Council has a duty and a responsibility to respond meaningfully to the human rights and international humanitarian law violations and abuses by all parties in Yemen.

The sobering report and conference paper presented to the Council today, bear compelling testimony to that ongoing need.

We fully support therefore, the renewal of the mandate of the Group of Eminent international and Regional Experts.

At this point, this Group is the only international, independent mechanism that is working to further accountability for the Yemeni people. We call upon all parties to the conflict to prioritize human rights, and to cooperate with, and grant access to, the Group of Eminent Experts.

Madame High Commissioner, should the Council agree to renew the Group’s mandate how will you ensure that it is properly resourced so that it can continue its work immediately after this session.

Mr Jendoubi, we would welcome further detail on your priority issues that would be addressed in the period ahead.

Thank you