Human Rights Council Session 42 - Statement of the Kingdom of the Netherlands on Nicaragua – Item 2

In reaction to the presentation of the report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on Nicaragua

Mr President,

We align ourselves with the EU statement.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is deeply worried about the continuing crisis in Nicaragua and the ongoing repression by the government.

We thank the High Commissioner for the thorough report that describes the broad range of human rights violations for which the state authorities have not taken any responsibility.

We strongly condemn the ongoing and systematic repression of the media and human rights defenders in Nicaragua. We call upon the government to respect the role of civil society and to respect the freedom of expression and association.

We therefore align with the UN and Inter-American human rights experts and urge the Nicaraguan government to stop reprisals against staff of media and human right defenders.

We would like to reiterate that the OHCHR and the missions of the OAS and IACHR should be given full and unimpeded access to Nicaragua to continue their work.

Mr President,

The Kingdom of the Netherlands strongly urges the Nicaraguan government to return to the negotiating table with the Alianza Civica. Full implementation of the agreements on political prisoners and civil and political rights as well as other issues on the established agenda need to be fully addressed in order to find a democratic and peaceful way out of the crisis.

Madam High Commissioner,

How can this Council help to ensure a renewed and meaningful dialogue?

Thank you