Economic affairs and development

Geneva is the seat of many international organisations, as well as hundreds of private sector and civil society organisations (CSO's). They take care of a substantive part of the global agenda for sustainable development, peace and security. The Permanent Mission looks after the interests of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, and represents the Kingdom to these organisations. 

The Netherlands promotes sustainable economic development as an integral part of the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals. Multilateral agreements and cooperation are key for economic growth and development worldwide. We promote inclusive growth, resulting in benefits to society as a whole, economically empowered women, and improved opportunities for young people. Sustainable economic development also requires respect for nature and the environment, with wise use of resources. Based on our experience of upholding a strong position in the global economy, The Netherlands highly values innovative entrepreneurs and motivated employers with decent work and a living wage.

The division of Economic affairs and development represents the Kingdom of the Netherlands at the WTO, UNCTAD, ITC, ILO, WEF, WIPO and UNECE, and other Geneva based organisations. We give our views and positions, and are active in developing new policy proposals, including by making Dutch expertise available. We guide the use of Dutch (financial) support to organisations and programs. We ensure that policymakers, representatives of trade & industry, trade unions, CSO's and experts in the Kingdom benefit from the wealth of economic and development knowledge that can be found in 'Geneva international'.