As a member of the UN Security Council in 2018, the Kingdom of the Netherlands wants to make an active contribution to international peace and security. The government of the Netherlands wants to work towards a Security Council that offers security and protection to people all over the world. The Security Council must deal effectively with conflicts and wars, not only by deploying well-equipped peace missions, but also by helping to prevent conflict in the first place by focusing on its causes. Read more about our membership.

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Stef Blok @ministerBlok

Horrified by the terrible attacks on this Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka. Our thoughts are with the victims, including one Dutch national at this moment. The Netherlands has passed its heartfelt condolences to the Sri Lankan people. We stand with you.

14 hours ago
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Karel van Oosterom @KvanOosterom

Interesting discussion with interested audience on our year in the Security Council, together with UK Ambassador @PeterWilson

3 days ago
Netherlands at UN @NLatUN

Today, @hansdocter participated in the #BluePeace meeting hosted by @swiss_un. #KingdomNL highlighted the need to change how we value #water, explore ways to enhance coherence in water investments, focus on local governments, and make enhance the link between #water and #peace.

3 days ago
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