Security Council: Explanation of vote on MINUSCA

Statement by His Excellency Mr. Stef Blok,
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

New York, 13 December 2018

Mr. President,

As we gather in this Chamber this morning, more than half of the Central African people are on the run from ongoing violence. The attacks on civilians, peacekeepers and humanitarian workers continue despite the peace process led by the African Initiative. It is absolutely clear that MINUSCA has a vital role to play to support and protect the people of the CAR.

Therefore, we thank France for their efforts and leadership in facilitating the discussion on MINUSCA’s mandate. France undertook extensive efforts to find a compromise among all members of the Council.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands welcomes the renewal of the mandate for the period of one year. We are content that the mission’s role in the political process and the protection of civilians-mandate have been significantly strengthened compared to last year’s mandate. Furthermore, we are satisfied with the new task for MINUSCA to extend limited logistical support to the armed forces of CAR that have been trained by the EU Training Mission. This is essential to strengthen the authority of the state. MINUSCA has an important role to coordinate international Security Sector Reform initiatives, that need to be undertaken in a transparent and coherent manner.

For these reasons, we regret that the mandate was not adopted with consensus. We urge all Council Members to retrieve unity in their support to the people of the Central African Republic.