Kingdom of the Netherlands on the Security Council

In 2018 the Kingdom of the Netherlands will be one of the 15 members of the UN Security Council. As a member of the Security Council, the Netherlands wants to make an active contribution to international peace and security. The government of the Netherlands wants to work towards a Security Council that offers security and protection to people all over the world. The Security Council must deal effectively with conflicts and wars.

During our time on the Council, we will focus our efforts particularly on:

Strengthening Conflict Prevention

We want a Security Council that acts in a timely manner to identify and tackle the causes of conflict and war, such as water scarcity, food shortages and climate change. The Netherlands’ knowledge and know-how equip us to make a significant contribution to this task.

Modernising Peace Operations

UN peace missions must protect civilians. An effective Security Council must ensure that conflicts can be tackled with modern, well-equipped peace missions.

Promoting Justice and Accountability

Peace cannot last without justice and reconciliation. Fundamental freedoms and human rights are essential for peace. The Security Council must call perpetrators to account. The Netherlands, as home to the international city of peace and justice The Hague, will do its utmost to make this happen.

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