United Nations Human Rights Candidate 2020 - 2022

After a successful and intensive year at the United Nations Security Council, the Kingdom of the Netherlands is now candidate for the United Nations Human Rights Council for the term 2020-2022.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has a long and rich tradition of defending, promoting and upholding human rights. The duty to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms is enshrined in our constitution.

As a Council member, we will actively support the observance of all human rights, ranging from economic, social and cultural rights to civil and political rights. We are committed to tackling all forms of discrimination and protecting those in our societies who are most vulnerable. We will continue to raise awareness of the need to combat violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, because we believe human rights apply to all people without distinction.

Please find our full pledge here.

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Netherlands at UN @NLatUN

#KingdomNL hosted a meeting with #SRSG @JeanineHennis and @iraq_un. Full support for work #UNAMI and need for continuous support for #Iraq reaffirmed by regional and international participants. With @LiseGvH pic.twitter.com/0PqANeFCii

13 hours ago
Netherlands at UN @NLatUN

Now at @ipinst event on 20 years of #PoC through @UN Peacekeeping Operations, @KvanOosterom stated: “Peacekeeping missions can make a crucial contribution to the protection of civilians in conflicts, but expectations and capability must converge”. #POC20 #NotATarget pic.twitter.com/mCJ9lMREvM

14 hours ago
Netherlands at UN @NLatUN

One year after the @UN Security Council unanimously adopted resolution 2417 on the vicious cycle between conflict and hunger, #KingdomNL and partners come together to assess what has been achieved and which challenges remain #ConflictAndHunger #POC20 #NotATarget #UNSC pic.twitter.com/hy9YfaRWJO

15 hours ago
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