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The Permanent Mission's main tasks are to promote and clarify the position of The Netherlands in the UN, report to the authorities in The Hague and give advice on developments at the UN. The position of the Netherlands on various subjects is increasingly being finalised in the framework of the European Union. However, the Mission has countless contacts with other member states of the UN, the UN-secretariat and UN-organisations, and operates on an individual basis (including through the delivery of statements) in cases where European coordination is not foreseen.

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Dutch Minister Schultz highlights urgency to tackle water stress together to avoid disasters, conflicts, forced migration @ UN #HELP session

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Panel chair 3rd STS Water & Disaster Minister Schultz van Haegen: no one should be forced to leave home by water related disaster

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Now briefings in #UNSC by ASG @UNPeacekeeping El Ghassim Wane and JMEC chairman Festus Mogue on current situation in #SouthSudan.

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