Kingdom of the Netherlands United Nations Security Council candidate 2017-2018

The Kingdom of the Netherlands has a strong tradition of engaging in cooperation, dialogue and partnership with other countries to work towards a better common future. We comprise four small countries in Europe and the Caribbean region, fully committed to realizing the UN’s goals in the areas of peace, justice and development. We are a founding member of the UN and an active participant in UN institutions. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is passionate about being a candidate for a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council for the term 2017-2018 and is ready to serve as your partner.

The Kingdom of the Netherlandse listens to the concerns of all countries big and small. We are a reliable partner to both the UN as a whole and its Member States. Our partnerships are based on equality, respect and mutual understanding.

We support a strong UN. We believe the UN is best served by inclusive and transparent decision-making by its Security Council. The Kingdom of the Netherlands feels strongly that the world needs a more broadly representative UN Security Council and we champion that position in our foreign and security policy.