The Kingdom of the Netherlands and Italy plan to share seat on UN Security Council

The Kingdom of the Netherlands and Italy have agreed to share a non-permanent seat on the UN Security Council for the coming two years. Under this arrangement, each country would hold the seat for a year. This would mean that in 2017 Italy would be a member of world’s main body working for international peace and security, while the Kingdom of the Netherlands would hold the seat in 2018.

The two countries submitted this proposal at the UN General Assembly in New York on Tuesday. Neither country had received the required two-thirds majority in the election for its candidacy for the vacant seat. According to foreign minister Bert Koenders, the voting results were a ‘clear indication’ that the General Assembly values both countries as members.

‘Having consulted with each other, we’ve come up with this practical solution,’ said Mr Koenders. ‘This is a good example of European cooperation in international politics. We will work closely with one another in the coming years. Membership of the Security Council is extremely important to both of our countries.’ Mr Koenders was present for the voting and submitted the proposal to share the seat to the General Assembly on behalf of the Kingdom.

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Foreign Ministers Bert Koenders (Netherlands) and Paolo Gentiloni (Italy) make a statement at the UN in New York.  foto: Richard Koek